In July 2013, Dehaier Medical had filed its application with the CFDA to register the Morpheus Ox. The company’s Morpheus Ox products assist with the diagnosis of sleep apnea, provide treatment options to apnea patients and allow post-treatment evaluation services to pinpoint further opportunities for improvement.

Dehaier Medical’s new generation Morpheus Ox system collects and records the physiological data from patients who wear the portable home sleep diagnostic and monitoring solution.

Advanced automatic sleep scoring software makes an accurate and reliable sleep diagnosis, including Apnea Hypopnea Index, sleep/wake time, and Cheyne-Stokes breathing patterns.

The watch-sized device manages a cost-effective sleep services operation, including patient electronic medical records, cardiac and sleep diagnostics results, as well as complete workflow management.

According to Dehaier Medical, the web-based automatic scoring and data management are able to increase operational efficiency and provide opportunities for the company to offer other services by giving users valuable and timely clinical information to improve patient treatment.