Israel-based CerebralRx has launched FitNeS system, an implantable vagus nerve stimulation device for treating patients with refractory epilepsy.

The FitNeS system consists of an implanted stimulator and stimulation lead, which work together to deliver electrical signals to the left vagus nerve.

The FitNeS system employs platform technology developed by BioControl Medical, maker of the CardioFit system for treating congestive heart failure (HF).

In addition to its potential to increase stimulation efficacy and minimize side effects, the FitNeS system was designed to employ lower currents, minimize nerve damage through a nerve electrode interface and reduce current leakage through improved cuff isolation.

CerebralRx was founded in 2010 as a spin-off of BioControl Medical to develop implantable neuromodulation systems for the treatment of autonomic nervous system-related neurological disorders.

CerebralRx plans to expand the application of its technology for treating additional disorders, including Alzheimer’s and depression.

The CE marked FitNeS device is available in Europe.

The device is not available in the US.