The solution is a fully automated first-of-its kind innovation to generate immediate and highly accurate landmark tracing and enable over 50 different Cephalometric analyses in a matter of seconds

Cephalometric analysis is commonly used by dentists and orthodontists to study skeletal relationships in the craniofacial complex. Cephalometric analysis also has many other uses such as predicting future changes, monitoring the success of ongoing treatment plans, evaluating a patient's dento-facial proportions and assisting doctors in the recognition of abnormalities.

For these reasons, cephalometric analysis is crucial when developing and evaluating proper treatment plans for patients.  The challenge has been to provide this in a reliable and cost-effective way as patient's expectations increase and competition in the market grows.

AlgoCeph saves valuable time for practitioners, reduces human error and contributes to better efficiency and improved patient handling right from the first appointment.

 Rather than spending valuable time on training, supporting and monitoring the work of others, practitioners can rely on sophisticated software drawing on one of the largest cephalometric databases in the world and focus on the value-generating throughput of patients.

"The world of Orthodontists is evolving rapidly, as it provides patients continuous improvements in care," Says Dr. David Grove, board member of CephX. "Our first priority has always been to help practitioners focus on that – providing them with peace of mind regarding their Cephalometric analysis.

“ This is also the main reason we have developed AlgoCeph. Our team of experts leveraged our market understanding and cutting-edge technologies to develop a new generation of Cephalometric analysis software. After over two years of investment we are proud to be able to deliver what I believe is a substantial market revolution.

“We look forward to providing many more beneficial innovations in the near future based on this technology and expertise."

Established in 2001, CephX has been providing orthodontic practitioners for Cephalometric X-Ray analyses, image archiving and patient record management.  

Over the past 15 years the company has traced and analyzed hundreds of thousands of Cephalometric images for thousands of orthodontists, dentists, periodontists and other dental professionals.