Central Logic provides its patient flow software and solutions to hundreds of hospital sites in the US. ClearDATA was chosen because of its exclusive healthcare focus, excellent track record with security and reliability, and extensive expertise with HIPAA compliance, privacy, and regulatory standards.

Independent software vendors are increasingly offering cloud enabled or SaaS (Software as a Service) versions of their software in order to reduce their customer’s capital expenses, lower IT support and maintenance costs, and allow customers to implement or upgrade their software more quickly, efficiently, and productively.

Central Logic Client Services vice president and founder Ryan Larsen noted the company has offered its patient flow software via the cloud for some time, but recently decided to partner with ClearDATA.

"After thoroughly evaluating all of the leading cloud service providers, in the end we chose ClearDATA because of its unique and exclusive focus on the healthcare industry, and unrivaled expertise and experience with HIPAA security and other regulatory requirements," Larsen added.

ClearDATA’s HealthDATA Cloud Services are designed to reduce capital expenses, support and maintenance costs for healthcare organizations, while also improving productivity, business agility, security for PHI and regulatory compliance.