Centinel Spine, the pioneer of spinal Stand-Alone, No-Profile devices, announces the launch of Ti-ACTIVE, a commercially-pure titanium coating, at the 2014 North American Spine Society (NASS) Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California.

Ti-ACTIVE is an osteoconductive, texturized, bioactive, titanium coating applied via a unique and proprietary application process delivering high-quality, reproducible, uniform thickness with controlled porosity.

The texturized Ti-ACTIVE coating creates a three-dimensional osteoconductive environment that delivers enhanced fixation, increased primary stabilization and bony on-growth. The bioactive surface also accelerates mesenchymal stem cell adhesion and proliferation providing a biological friendly environment for bone formation.

After a successful alpha launch with very positive feedback from surgeons, Centinel Spine is commercializing Ti-ACTIVE coating with STALIF C-Ti, providing spine surgeons with the first titanium-coated, No-ProfileĀ® Anterior Cervical Integrated Interbody System on the market today.

"Ti-ACTIVE represents our commitment to advancing the standard of care in spinal fusion procedures merging the established osteoconductive advantage of titanium with the elasticity and visualization benefits of PEEK and the proven clinical success of STALIF technology," proclaims John Viscogliosi, CEO and President of Centinel Spine.

Centinel Spine is a privately-held spinal device company leading the development and commercialization of the No Profile Integrated Interbody fusion technologies.