Surgeons using the system have experienced a renewed confidence and trust in performing unicompartmental knee replacement procedures – trust once lost as a result of using traditional surgical techniques.

The Mirror system is the only knee replacement system that uses a patient’s own ligaments to kinematically balance a patient’s knee as the definitive bone cuts are being made, not afterwards. This unique technology balances the knee throughout the entire range of motion.

Many surgeons and their patients have already benefited from the interactive way The Mirror partial knee system uses the patient’s natural knee motion during the surgical procedure. Dr Ian Duncan, a Rothman Institute trained orthopedic surgeon in Visalia, recently committed to implanting Mirror for all of his patients with unicompartmental arthritis.

Cayenne Medical recently acquired The Mirror technology to enhance its portfolio of innovative and value oriented sports medicine products. The Mirror was developed by Dr Gerard A. Engh.

Cayenne Medical president and CEO David Springer noted the company is very excited to be bringing this next generation partial knee system to sports medicine and total joint surgeons who previously had no alternative but to use traditional techniques and surgical methods in the hope of balancing the knee.

"He added that "it is just so intuitive that the best outcome for any patient would result from using a patient’s own ligaments to guide implant placement," Springer added.

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