CAS Medical Systems, Inc. has announced the launch of Non-Adhesive Small Sensors for its FORE-SIGHT Absolute Cerebral Oximeter. This sensor is designed specifically for preserving the skin integrity of newborns and preterm infants. The newborn and preterm infant population has varying degrees of fragile, underdeveloped skin that can be easily damaged by adhesives. Coupled with CASMED’s unique COOL-LIGHT technology which eliminates heat at the site of the sensor, the FORE-SIGHT Non-Adhesive Small Sensors help to maintain skin integrity with the use of either a headband system or a hydrogel adhesive, the same gel adhesive used on CASMED’s premium Klear-Trace neonatal electrodes. Andrew E. Kersey, President and CEO, stated, “The new, non-adhesive option for our Small Sensors is ideal for the specialized needs of the most vulnerable neonatal patients. CASMED’s hydrogel adhesive products have long been a gold standard for preservation of delicate skin in this environment, and we are proud to continue that history with the new FORE-SIGHT Non-Adhesive Small Sensor.”