“With more than fifteen years of experience in corneal topography, Carl Zeiss Meditec is pleased to introduce new applications for the ATLAS corneal topography system that deliver both clinical and workflow benefits,” said Dr. Michael Kaschke, President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Meditec. ”We are committed to not only spearheading state-of-the-art technology for the eye care industry, but also to supporting these platforms with ongoing enhancements in order meet the demands of the practice over time.”

With ATLAS Review Software, each patient’s diagnostic information can be accessed from any computer within the office or from a remote location. Providing greater freedom and flexibility while streamlining workflow processes, ATLAS Review Software allows users to retrieve important patient data from the patient exam lane, front and back office, research center or any networked location. It also eliminates the need for static print-outs, increases the instrument’s availability within the office and allows practitioners to educate patients more easily from any computer screen within the office.

ATLAS Review Software is available for ATLAS Model 993, 995 and 9000. New ATLAS Review Software will also provide Model 993 and 995 customers with advanced software capabilities, such as corneal wavefront data, mean curvature maps and image simulations, which are already included in the newer ATLAS 9000.

The new MasterFit II Contact Lens Software for ATLAS 9000 is now also available. MasterFit II is designed to make fitting gas permeable (GP) lenses faster and easier for the practitioner while minimizing chair-time to improve patient comfort. Simulated fluorescein patterns and tear film thickness profiles promote effective lens design, such as spherical, aspheric, bi-toric, back toric and front-toric lenses.

‘”The new software features for the ATLAS have improved my contact lens business and have simplified our day-to-day activities more than ever before,” said Dianne Anderson, OD. “MasterFit has improved my first-lens success rate for both simple and challenging cases, by recommending the correct lens from the start. Review Software just makes all patient information easier to access, to manipulate and to share with my patients. I am very pleased with these new ATLAS features as they have already demonstrated tremendous value in my practice.”

The ATLAS Corneal Topography System is a diagnostic instrument that measures the curvature of the cornea and produces topographical images. ATLAS supports many important optometric applications, including contact lens fitting, pathology detection and management and selection of aspheric IOLs. This compact all-in-one system is easy to use for nearly any operator.