caresyntax, a pioneer in surgical automation, quality analytics and AI software and technologies, today announced the launch of a new partnership with Diversified, an industry leading technology solutions integrator. The partnership will enable caresyntax to accelerate the development and deployment of an even wider range of surgical risk management and outcome improvement solutions in health systems across North America.

The partnership underscores caresyntax’s establishment of a fully-integrated, multi-use, digital surgery ecosystem, connecting technology vendors delivering data-driven solutions to health systems, medical device manufacturers and insurance providers.

Diversified is a global technology solutions provider, delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions to drive the highest performance levels, enhance operations, increase productivity and drive ROI across a broad range of clients, including in the healthcare industry. Diversified’s diverse client network across North America and service capabilities will enable the rapid deployment of caresyntax software solutions in thousands of hospitals and health systems. Additionally, the increased operational capacity provided by Diversified will support the delivery of larger, enterprise-scale projects involving complex medical device integration, maintained at the highest standard of IT and cybersecurity compliance.

Together with Barco Healthcare integrated operating room hardware technologies, caresyntax’s digital surgery solutions and Diversified’s service capabilities will power a wide ranging ecosystem of specialized clinical and operational apps, designed to create valuable insights for caregivers and patients, and deployed in conjunction with medical device vendors and business insurers.

“caresyntax remains committed to making mission-critical health care settings such as surgery, interventional radiology and obstetrics smarter and safer,” said caresyntax Co-Founder and CEO Dennis Kogan. “Partnering with Diversified will enable us to quickly scale the delivery and support of our true automation and AI-driven applications in hospitals, bringing us closer to our goal of significantly improving the global risk profile of surgery as a therapy.”

“Diversified is a world-leader in operational and service excellence for integrated healthcare solutions, and we feel confident that our partnership will ensure the highest quality of delivered solutions to our clients in the US and around the world – whether health systems, medical equipment manufacturers, or underwriters,” said Timothy Lantz, President and COO, caresyntax.

“We look forward to partnering with caresyntax, as developer of technologies with experience delivering solutions to improve quality and outcomes directly at the point of care,” said Fred D’Alessandro, Founder and CEO at Diversified. “Our strength in the design and delivery of solutions complements caresyntax’s focus on perioperative and post-operative intelligence to bring a powerful digital services ecosystem to surgery in the US and beyond.”

Source: Company Press Release