Both the South West Trusts will install the Carestream Vue Motion zero footprint viewing capability and Carestream Vue Archive to secure, real time access to complete patient records seamlessly via a patient-centric vendor neutral archive with a universal viewer.

The Carestream Vue RIS will run on the latest V11 software to provide colour coded interfaces and offer individual views of the interface according to user requirements, while the new software version will enhance information sharing, particularly the ability to collaborate seamlessly across multiple sites and multiple clinical specialties.

In addition, the new systems will allow the two Trusts to work collaboratively using Global Worklists to achieve the significant efficiencies offered by cross site working and reporting.

Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust clinical support head Simon Rigby said "Improving the patient experience and improving patient care are key strategic goals for my Trust, Carestream Health will deliver many clinical and administrative benefits to support these goals."