CareFusion, a global medical device company and Banner Health have signed an agreement for CareFusion to provide its latest Pyxis medication technologies to Banner Health's network of 22 health facilities.

Among the Pyxis products included in the agreement are the Pyxis MedStation 4000 product line, Pyxis Connect system, Pyxis Anesthesia System, Pyxis PARx system, Pyxis CIISafe system and a number of advanced data and analytics reporting tools. The comprehensive combination of CareFusion solutions used at Banner Health streamlines the medication management process, increases clinical and administrative efficiencies and helps improve medication safety.

The Banner Health network has already implemented the Pyxis CIISafe system, a closed information loop system for controlled substance management and the Pyxis Connect system, a medication order management system that helps increase efficiency in the pharmacy and reduce time to first dose for patients.

The companies said that the addition of the Pyxis PARx system will provide the checks and balances necessary to help reduce errors during the medication refill process, and the Pyxis Anesthesia System will extend automated medication management into the operating room.

Tom Leonard, president of dispensing technologies for CareFusion, said: “For more than 20 years, Pyxis products have been offering advanced solutions for all medical dispensing needs. We are very pleased that Banner Health has decided to partner with us to implement an end-to-end medication management solution, which will ultimately aim to increase the overall quality of patient care throughout their network.”