CareFusion has introduced a palm top portable device ReVel ventilator for pediatric and adult patients to support breathing during transport.

ReVel has the capability to manage intubated and non-invasively ventilated patients from the initial point of emergency, during transport and through the hospital allowing for potentially lifesaving ventilation during transport.

The device small size and design mounts easily in emergency vehicles including military aircraft, helicopters and ambulances.

The ReVel is built with CareFusion’s patented ActivCore gas delivery system and its technology provides critical care ventilation and independence from wall-air systems and features a hot swappable four-hour battery for extended patient transport capabilities.

The ReVel ventilator also provides monitoring and clinical tools which aids clinicians to manage and provide care to patients in hospital.

The device with its spontaneous breathing trial (SBT) technology provides data to help clinicians decide when to safely wean patients from ventilation.

The device also features an integrated pulse oximeter to monitor a patient’s pulse rate and oxygen saturation level during transport situations.

CareFusion Respiratory Technologies general manager Kevin Ketzel said by delivering critical care capabilities from the onset of emergency transport, clinicians can better manage and care for high-acuity patients in medical transit allowing the transport team to focus on the patient’s emergency medical needs.