The new Prolimus Biograde features thin-stent strut design of just 71 microns which is designed to provide uniform stent coverage, minimize stent-metal-volume and foreign-body effects.

In addition, the Prolimus stent incorporates a diameter-depending 6-8-10 intermediate and closed-cell stent design to ensure a homogenous drug elution into the arterial tissue of the stented lesion segment.

Prolimus Biograde is also coated with Titanium, which functions as a barrier against ‘metal-ion-bleeding that prevents any stent-associated hypersensitivity reaction in diabetic patients, as well as an anti-proliferative drug Rapamycin (Sirolimus) featuring a natural and biodegradable polylactide acid (PLA) polymer.

Cardionovum CEO Michael Orlowski said it is not only the drug on a stent that counts for the optimal patient treatment.

"It also is critically important what remains in the patient´s artery for the patient´s lifetime, after drug elution has gone," Orlowski added.