Cardiocom’s Omnivisor Pro software application and the web-based ContinuLink application can be directly integrated to bring forward a single point of access for the telehealth clinician.

Cardiocom said that its telehealth system provides an opportunity to proactively manage and customise the patient’s care. The patients use the Cardiocom Commander Telehealth System to communicate with a participating telehealth clinician. The Commander Home Telemonitoring System guides the patient through an interactive Health Check.

According to the company, a typical Health Check consists of responding to a series of health and wellness related questions and collecting various vital signs, which can include weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate and peak flow. The information is automatically transmitted via a standard phone line or a cellular connection from the patient’s home and is immediately available for review by the telehealth clinician.

With the integrated solution developed by Cardiocom and ContinuLink, users are able to work directly with the ContinuLink System and have instant access to all of the telehealth data available in Cardiocom’s Omnivisor Pro System. The user experience is improved and efficiency is optimised by allowing the user to seamlessly work in one system.

Satish Movva, CEO of ContinuLink, said: “The best way for us to continue to provide outstanding service to our customers is to integrate our software with award-winning companies in the industry.

“Cardiocom is a leader in helping home care agencies improve their outcomes and increasing clinical efficiencies at the same time. Changes in Health Care Reform in 2010 means agencies are looking even more closely at reducing acute care hospitalization rates for patients with chronic diseases.”

Daniel Cosentino, CEO and president of Cardiocom, said: “Cardiocom is known for providing innovative telehealth solutions that aid our customers in achieving their clinical goals. We are delighted to be partnering with ContinuLink. ContinuLink is a premier home care software company that is strategically positioned for significant growth.”