Reportedly, CVMD holds a US patent for the new guidewire. The company has elected to apply for the additional patents in order to penetrate a worldwide commercial marketplace for the life-saving angioplasty procedure.

Angioplasty is a common procedure that is performed to widen narrowed or obstructed blood vessels. The procedure is often performed in place of, or before a more invasive and potentially life-threatening bypass surgery is needed. Angioplasty, that is performed before an artery is fully-blocked, can prevent the onset of heart attacks..

Eli Gonen, CEO of Cardio Vascular Medical Device, said: “Filing these additional patent applications is the first stage in aiding cardiologists in the process of saving lives across the globe.

“The ability to steer our guidewire during angioplasty procedures using our patented flexi-tip enables more difficult procedures to be completed with greater ease, and speeds overall procedure time. Due to these advantages, Cardio Vascular Medical Device’s guidewire has the opportunity to become the guidewire of choice for surgeons throughout the world.”