The handle has been developed for use in confined spaces, video assisted procedures as well as for small incision surgical procedures.

Cardica president and CEO Bernard Hausen said: "The launch of the short shaft MicroCutter XCHANGE 30 stapler illustrates a substantial corporate and commercial accomplishment as we continue to execute on our strategy to realize the full potential of our cutting-edge technology.

"We developed the short shaft in response to surgeon feedback and believe that this option expands the applicability of the Xchange 30 where surgeons desire better control within a confined space while reducing invasiveness for the patient."

About six-inch shorter than the standard device, the short shaft option for the MicroCutter XCHANGE 30 is designed to facilitate surgical stapling within restricted anatomical areas, while maintaining the low profile of the five millimeter diameter shaft.

The MicroCutter product line includes the Xchange 30 five-millimeter stapler with 80 degrees of articulation in standard and short shaft options.

With the curved tip option, both devices comprise four cartridge alternatives, including white cartridge for thin tissue stapling with both straight and curved options and the blue cartridge for medium tissue with the straight and curved options.