MammaCare was developed with the support of the National Cancer Institute, the National Science Foundation and medical scientists worldwide.

Breast cancer screening will be more accurate because science and technology teams from MammaCare and Capgemini are working together to advance clinical breast exam competencies.

The National Science Foundation supported development of MammaCare’s new training technology that standardizes the performance of clinical breast exams, significantly improving their accuracy and thoroughness. Laboratory and clinical studies demonstrated the effectiveness of the technology.

The leap from laboratory to clinical classrooms happened when Capgemini’s Strategic Technologies and Applications Team offered their assistance.

The Capgemini team launched the system into the cloud on their Cloud Orchstration Management PLatform End to End or ‘COMPLETE’, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This enabled global reach, making it accessible to all colleges of nursing and medicine and practicing clinicians.

The Capgemini and AWS infrastructure is elastic, expanding automatically with demand, and eliminating the need for MammaCare to maintain any IT infrastructure.

Capgemini North America chief technology officer Joe Coyle noted the company is driven to change the way it offers cutting edge technology to the business world.

"By partnering with MammaCare on such a globally important cause, we are able to participate in a higher goal with a human touch. This is why we are so proud to support MammaCare in helping women across North America," Coyle added.