The product family includes 2 MP, 3 MP, and 6 MP color, and 2 MP, 3 MP, and 5 MP grayscale displays.

Canvys Operations/Healthcare director David Sorensen noted the XLED series is the next logical step for hospitals looking to upgrade their diagnostic and clinic displays used in medical imaging.

"The new 6MP color XLED display in particular will appeal to radiologists and clinicians who are looking for diagnostic quality in a wide-screen format," Sorensen added.

All of the displays in the XLED series feature longer-lasting, more efficient, mercury-free LED backlights that provide a high return on your investment and are more environmentally responsible.

Four types of integrated sensors in the XLED displays including front-of-screen, backlight, ambient light, and temperature work in conjunction with the included CFS calibration software to ensure diagnostic quality images are presented all the time.

The 6 MP is the first display to feature dual-front sensors for more accurate luminance control. CFS WebManager provides administrators enterprise-wide visibility, predictability, and control over the displays used in medical imaging.