Canvys, a division of Richardson Electronics, is planning to launch DICOM 3.14 calibrated laptop for healthcare professionals.

Canvys has integrated its proprietary Image Systems CFS calibration software into the mobile workstation, which establishes the DICOM 3.14 compliance and assures consistency and accuracy of diagnostic images.

The 15-inch HP EliteBook 8540w and the 17-inch HP EliteBook 8740w mobile workstations feature the HP DreamColor LED-backlit display technology for enhanced brightness, resolution, color depth, and viewing angle and are ideal for both clinical and diagnostic review of medical images.

Canvys said that with DICOM 3.14 the radiologists, doctors, and clinicians have the benefits of a mobile workstation without the performance limitations of typical laptop displays and also provides mobile access to diagnostic quality images.

Canvys Healthcare Operations director David Sorensen said that Laptop and tablet displays typically use LCDs that are not bright, have limited pixel bit-depth, utilize cheaper TN (twisted nematic) technology, and have viewing angle issues such that gray shades can change when you move your head or tilt the display. It is unacceptable if you are reviewing the subtle details of a medical image.

"The HP DreamColor display technology combined with the NVIDIA graphics engine provides the best performance available in a mobile form-factor. By embedding our CFS software and calibrating it to DICOM 3.14 standards, you have more consistent and accurate images and you are able to see the low contrast shades of gray that otherwise may not be seen," Sorensen said.