Cantel Medical noted that Minncare is the first water system disinfectant granted a medical device clearance for use in hemodialysis applications.

Mar Cor Purification medical sales vice-president John Rickert said: "Minncare HD disinfectant eliminates the risk of using unregulated industrial chemicals, such as chlorine bleach, in patient treatment areas.

"The disinfection protocol is validated, the chemistry has been proven efficacious, and accurate test strips are available to insure dosage, as well as to verify complete rinse-out of the disinfectant."

Minncare is a combination of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide, which is completely biodegradable allowing for easy disposal and reducing environmental impact.

It has been developed to address the critical need for a validated water system disinfectant that is both safe and effective.

According to Cantel, the non-medical device version, Minncare Cold Sterilant is considered as the gold standard in water system disinfection and can be used daily in a variety of markets and applications.

The company plans to introduce both products in early February.