The cart was developed to streamline the transport of water purification equipment used in acute hemodialysis procedures and to eliminate the possibility of deterioration associated with metal carts.

The ROVER cart improves the safety and efficiency of delivering a dialysis water treatment system within the hospital. All components are fully integrated into the cart system, making the monitoring of key parameters and execution of daily procedures more convenient.

The ROVER System has smooth plastic surfaces, which allow for easy cleaning and disinfection, thereby protecting the patient from infection.

The ROVER System includes several water purification components, including an integrated PTG-520® Carbon System and depth filter, and provides the option for additional equipment, all encompassed in a fully integrated package.

The system is compatible with all current Mar Cor Purification portable hemodialysis reverse osmosis systems, and was tested to UL 60601-1 and IEC 61010-1 Threshold and Stability standards-ensuring a safe experience for the user.

Curt Weitnauer, President of Mar Cor Purification, said, "The ROVER System dramatically improves the process of transporting a portable dialysis water treatment system. The concept and development of the system was driven by input from nurses and technicians involved in acute dialysis care on a daily basis.

"The finished product allows the operator to focus more on quality patient care and less on the equipment. The release of the ROVER system is an example of our commitment to improving patient safety while improving provider productivity in the delivery of hemodialysis care."

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