Astra Plus is a downloadable software application which aids users to share and distribute medical imaging studies and report securely across a WAN, and to route studies across a LAN via DICOM.

Studies and reports can be viewed, displayed, printed and archived using tools provided within the application which enhances patient care and outcomes.

Astra Lite is a browser-agnostic tool providing referring physicians with a unified portal for the viewing of medical imaging reports and embedded key images and to download and save a full-fidelity PDF of the report.

Astra Lite provides a secure means of delivery of radiologist reports and findings to referring physicians, surgeons and clinicians thereby improving patient care.

Astra Mobile is developed specifically for Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch which facilitates users to receive, view, download, and print medical reports and key images.

Candelis CTO Steven Higgins said they intend to continue to expand their portfolio of cloud-integrated toolsets in those areas where they can create value for hospitals, imaging centers, clinics and the physicians.