ACOG is the premier gynecological conference in the US. The conference hosts more than 200 exhibitors, and features more than 400 original research posters and paper abstracts.

Cancer Genetics research and development vice president Jane Houldsworth noted that this year’s ACOG meeting is a great opportunity for the company to communicate the value of its proprietary FHACT test for the management of cervical cancer to the clinical community and thought leaders in this congress.

"FHACT™ is a non-invasive genomic test that can identify lesions caused by persistent HPV infection and that are more likely to progress to a higher grade. By allowing for a better screening of patients before referral for colposcopy, the test can provide physicians with important information in making treatment decisions and potentially reduce costs and procedures that add to the U.S. healthcare costs," Houldsworth added.

FHACT (FISH-based HPV-Associated Cancer Test) is the only four color FISH probe that can be used for cervical cancer screening as an additional test before referral for colposcopy. The test uses a unique combination of genetic markers to detect genetic abnormalities located at 3q, 5p, 20q and chromosome 7.

Research supporting the application of FHACT for the detection of chromosomal abnormalities observed in cervical cancers was published in the September 2013 issue of Gynecologic Oncology. FHACT can be used on the remnant liquid cytology (Pap smear) specimen (no resampling). The test is offered at CGI’s CLIA laboratory in New Jersey.