Biotechnology company Cambrium has launched its first product: NovaColl. It is the first micro-molecular & 100% skin-identical collagen specifically designed for premium personal care formulations.

Owing to its structure and small molecular size, NovaColl is able to create powerful collagen benefits across skin layers. This new class of collagen active is vegan certified and produced through Cambrium’s precision fermentation process, offering formulators a unique combination of efficacy, skin-compatibility and sustainability.

NovaColl’s claims have been scientifically validated in third party in vitro studies, which demonstrated a broad range of activities working to holistically protect, maintain and enhance native collagen.

Beyond bio-similarity, NovaColl is 100% skin-identical, offering previously inaccessible levels of biocompatibility for personal care applications. To achieve this, Cambrium’s multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers searched through billions of protein sequences for skin-active features and indicators of efficacy. They identified NovaColl, a highly bioactive region of collagen I, the most prevalent collagen type in our human skin.

Rather than extracting collagen from animals, Cambrium uses yeast cells to grow their micro-molecular collagen in a cruelty-free and sustainable fermentation process, minimizing energy, land, and water use.

Source: Company Press Release