The company’s PureWeb platform transforms enterprise-class desktops, workstations, and traditional rich client-server applications into web-enabled, mobile and cloud-accessible applications.

PureWeb 3.1 solution is enhanced with a 60-day downloadable software transformation kit (STK) which allows developers to fully test-drive the platform.

Other enhancements of the new solution include Flex client STK which is designed for deploying any application to devices using Flash, Acetate functionality, Unicode Support which helps in improving support for applications using any language in international deployments.

Calgary Scientific vice president Glen Lehmann said the PureWeb platform brings value to legacy applications and applications that haven’t even been developed yet.

"PureWeb is a proven path to more revenue and reduced costs and now we are delivering it in ways that make it even easier for developers," Lehmann added.

"PureWeb is also the most potent weapon in the software arsenal for developers looking to come out on top in the ever-growing collaboration capability battle."