“This latest distribution agreement with AXA Diagnostics marks Rosetta Genomics’ entry into Europe, and we are excited to have AXA as our first partner in this region,” noted Ronen Tamir, chief commercialization officer at Rosetta Genomics. “We believe that there is significant need for our miRview™ tests in Italy, as well as worldwide, and that AXA is the right partner to bring these tests to cancer patients in Italy. As we have previously mentioned, we are continuously expanding our global distribution network, and believe that by the end of the year our tests will be available in other regions as well.”

Silvio Furino, President of AXA Diagnostics, said, “We are excited about our new relationship with Rosetta Genomics. We expect that these novel molecular diagnostic tests will provide improved diagnoses for cancer patients in Italy and that physicians will now be able to provide personalized medicine and customized treatment. This new era of high-quality healthcare has the potential to make better medical outcomes possible.”

The following tests will be distributed by AXA Diagnostics:

miRview mets – This test can identify the primary tumor site in patients presenting with metastatic cancer, as well as in patients whose tumor has not been identified, and consequently been labeled Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP).

miRview squamous – Using a single microRNA, miRview squamous differentiates squamous from non-squamous, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients.

MiRview meso – This test leverages microRNA’s high specificity as biomarkers to differentiate mesothelioma, a cancer connected to asbestos exposure, from other carcinomas in the lung.