Medi-Key’s keyboard provides mechanical and chemical resistance to chlorine and alcohol based disinfectants, as it is manufactured using hypoallergenic latex free silicone rubber. It also incorporates antimicrobial silver ion technology to provide effective control of E-coli and MRSA bacteria as a secondary defense and also has inbuilt track pad.

Bytec said that the Medi-Key self-monitors its usage and advises an appropriate cleaning schedule through the use of the Smart Disinfect function. Its back-lit versions feature inbuilt key illumination that ensures exceptional usability in low light, darkness and during photosensitive applications or procedures.

The Medi-Key has both wired and wireless versions, the latter featuring a docking system and an internal lithium polymer battery, which offers a minimum operating time of 8 hours fully charged (illuminated) and can be re-charged automatically via the USB port on the terminal.

Bytec said that the use of radio frequency signals eliminates line of sight issues associated with infrared keyboards: a manual binding feature locks-in the keyboards signal, providing a high level of security and enabling multiple wireless keyboards to operate reliably within a multi-terminal environment.

The Medi-Key, with an operational life of 5 million cycles, conforms to CE, FCC, UL60601 and UL 1950/CSA 22.2 950 standards.