Burton Medical has introduced a compact surgical lighting equipment AIM-200 that offers a variety of mounting options, including floor, wall, single and double ceiling mountings for diagnostic and minor surgery applications, including ambulatory surgical centers, hospital emergency departments, and demanding applications in dermatology, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Burton Medical AIM-200 features a 360-degree limitless arm-and-mounting-system-rotation providing a maximum reach of 63 inches and a diameter of 10 feet. Ideal for long hours of use, the AIM-200 is equipped with three 35-watt IRC halogen bulbs, which together produce a 90,000 Lux at a distance of one meter.

With a color-rendering index (CRI) of 96 and color temperature of 3700K, the AIM-200 helps to enhance a physician’s vision during minor surgery by providing a clear, crisp, natural light.

Burton Medical said that the Y-shaped design helps to minimize the obstruction of light into the surgical field, offering a larger and adjustable light pattern without casting shadows. Additional features include an easily replaceable bulb system and a sterilizable handle. Manufactured in the US, AIM-200 is supported by a five-year limited warranty.

Located in Chatsworth, California, Burton Medical is a provider in diagnostic and surgical lighting equipment, and a manufacturer of American-made exam, diagnostic and surgery lighting equipment. The company provides solutions to complex lighting issues facing physicians, surgeons and veterinarians throughout the world.