The new antennas have a transparent surface, which allows physicians to see the skin surface through the contacting antenna during a treatment.

The design also utilises a smaller antenna that can be combined in groups to utilise BSD’s synchronous phased array technology, which was developed by the company to improve the delivery of heat therapy by directly targeting heating to the tumor, the company said.

BSD Medical said that there are five different antenna types and sizes that are part of the new class of antenna, which allows the company to combine up to 24 antennas into a single applicator and utilise a heating pattern steering to shape the energy field to the individual tumor.

BSD senior VP and chief technology officer Paul Turner said that there are currently five US pending patents relating to the ablation field and six US pending patents related to the hyperthermia field. When issued, these patents will be a significant addition to the extensive intellectual property already developed by BSD.

BSD Medical develops, manufactures, markets and services systems to treat cancer and benign diseases using heat therapy delivered using focused radiofrequency (RF) and microwave energy.