BSD Medical said the treatment utilized the 3 antenna synchronous phased array capability of the MicroThermX to deliver multiple ablations to a patient with a large cancerous tumor of the lung.

The MicroThermX is a compact, mobile, proprietary system that includes a microwave generator, single-patient-use disposable antennas, and a thermistor-based temperature monitoring system.

The design allows delivery of higher power levels using a single generator and utilizes synchronous phased array technology that was developed and patented by BSD to provide larger and more uniform zones of ablation during a single procedure.

The MicroThermX introduces into the company’s product line a high-end disposable that is used in each ablation treatment, and will provide a significant ongoing revenue stream.

Rhode Island Hospital’s Tumor Ablation director Damian Dupuy said the MicroThermX unique ability is to provide real-time feedback on the forward power delivery to the tumor is invaluable to the physician.

"The system provides multiple benefits to physicians and patients, including the ability to deliver ablations using multiple antennas driven by a single generator, flexibility in treatment delivery, compact size, and ease of use," Dupuy said.