The new Yokohama laboratory combines Bruker applications laboratory in the world, showcasing a wide selection of novel life science, materials research and industrial systems including NMR, research MRI, EPR, MALDI-TOF/TOF, ESI-ITMS and ESI-Qq-TOF mass spectrometry, X-ray diffraction and crystallography, X-ray fluorescence (XRF), EDS accessories for SEM, FT-IR and thermal analysis systems.

Sadao Ueki, president of Bruker AXS K.K. and representative director of various Bruker subsidiaries in Japan, commented: “Our expanded applications facility provides the opportunity for scientists from Japan and Asia to investigate a wide range of applications on our innovative systems, together with obtaining training, demonstrations and advice from Bruker’s experienced Yokohama-based team of application scientists, plus visiting specialists from our worldwide factories.”

Frank Laukien, Bruker president and chief executive officer, added: “We have recently expanded the range of products that we offer in Japan, for example now including our TRACER handheld XRF systems, our new S8 TIGER high-end WDXRF system, as well as our new maXis ultra-high performance TOF mass spectrometer. As we have almost 10 billion Yen in revenue and close to 150 employees in Japan, we have decided to expand and combine most of our operations in Japan in Yokohama, with additional sales offices in Osaka and Tokyo. We are very pleased with our modern, new applications laboratory and invite our customers in Japan to take advantage of our advanced capabilities here.”