Bruker claims that with Aspect Magnet Technologies’ cryogen-free permanent magnet and Bruker’s high-performance Avance III spectrometer technology with preclinical MRI software ParaVision, the new Icon system delivers powerful performance and ease of use.

The Icon is a cost-effective MRI instrument for routine preclinical and molecular imaging in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications and has zero magnetic fringe field enabling safe location of the system in any facility and for use by any operator.

Bruker’s MRI software ParaVision guarantees access to a wide range of acquisition and processing tools for in vivo and material science MRI applications as relaxometry mapping, fast echo-planar imaging, ultra-short echo time lung imaging or contrast agent research.

Bruker BioSpin MRI managing director Wulf Jung said that high-performance desktop MRI systems have the potential to deliver new research applications to the field of preclinical and molecular imaging.

“The Icon system is aimed at easy, routine MRI workflows with a compact footprint, low running costs, no magnetic stray fields and push-button imaging performance, based on the latest Bruker spectrometer and software technology, in order to enable new research groups to enter this fascinating field of preclinical and materials MRI,” Jung said.