BridgePoint Medical has received European CE Mark (Conformite Europeene) for its coronary and peripheral Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) Crossing System, comprised of the CrossBoss CTO Crossing Catheter and the Stingray CTO Re-Entry System.

The BridgePoint System is a series of interventional catheters that are designed to navigate highly diseased arteries in preparation for blood flow restoration via angioplasty and stenting.

The company said that the disposable BridgePoint Catheter System does not require the use of expensive and cumbersome capital equipment, and uses techniques that are common in interventional medicine.

Chad Kugler, co-founder, president and general manager of BridgePoint Medical, said: “The CrossBoss and Stingray devices provide interventionalists in the EU with new opportunities to treat patients with highly diseased arteries. We believe that these devices represent an important new advance in interventional cardiology.

“This technology exemplifies BridgePoint’s innovative approach to CTO treatment and our commitment to further reduce the need for invasive bypass surgery.”

Gerald Werner, professor at the Klinikum Darmstadt in Darmstadt, Germany, said: “We have seen many attempts to implement new tools for the treatment of chronic coronary occlusions over the years, but until now none of them have provided any advantage over the current treatment of using specialty guidewires.”

“This system is the first to provide a new option for the frequent situation when our guidewires do not reach the vessel beyond the occlusion. The BridgePoint system makes it possible to find the true vessel lumen and conclude the treatment successfully.”