Airo Mobile is a large-bore, mobile, 32-slice CT scanner with a gantry opening of 107cm. The CT scanner will assist in streamlining efficiency in virtually any standard-size operating room.

Duke surgeons will be using the CT scanner to assist with visualization and to help verify surgical goals through real-time imaging. The Airo Mobile Intraoperative CT offers mobility, flexibility and access to real-time patient images, aiding decision-making in the operating room.

The largest gantry opening of the Airo Mobile enables flexible patient positioning and helps expand the use of intraoperative imaging for several clinical applications including neurosurgery, orthopedic and trauma surgery.

Airo and Curve allows surgeons to see how their surgeries are progressing while maintaining the patient’s surgical position.

In addition, surgeons can automatically register the newly acquired intraoperative CT images and merge pre-operative scans to track and monitor their surgical instruments in real time, increasing intraoperative confidence and helping to safely achieve desired surgical goals.

Duke University Hospital associate chief medical officer and orthopaedic surgery department vice chairman Dr William Richardson said: "We look forward to fully utilizing this imaging system to help enhance the quality, safety and outcomes of the surgical care of our patients."