The SpiroFind test, which is offered by the company’s clinical diagnostic service laboratory in Mellrichstadt, Germany, is based on measuring the cellular immune response to a specific challenge with the Borrelia organism.

The test has the ability to detect active Lyme Borreliosis through all stages of disease from early disease to late and persistent manifestation.

The effectiveness of the SpiroFind test was confirmed in a clinical study at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, which is submitted for peer-reviewed publication and for presentation at the ECCMID conference in Berlin, Germany in April 2013, according to the company.

Boulder Diagnostics CEO Wolfgang Pieken said, "The SpiroFind test is the first method to query the trained immunity to Borrelia infection as a signal for active disease."

Boulder Diagnostics Europe laboratory physician Anton Waldherr said, "At our clinical laboratory in Mellrichstadt, Germany, we now accept whole blood samples for testing by the SpiroFind method."