The WallFlex Biliary RX Stent is made up of braided, Platinol (platinum-cored Nitinol) wire.

Boston Scientific claims that the stent features three key attributes: radial force to help maintain duct patency and resist migration, flexibility to aid in conforming to tortuous anatomies and full-length radiopacity to enhance stent visibility under fluoroscopy.

Hopital Erasme in Brussels professor Jacques Deviere said that the WallFlex Biliary RX fully covered stent has proved effective in the management of malignant biliary strictures.

“The WallFlex stent incorporates the latest innovations in self-expanding metal stent technology and may provide significant benefits as a less-invasive alternative to surgery in these patients,” Deviere said.

Boston Scientific’s Endoscopy Division senior vice president and president Michael Phalen said that with the full line of WallFlex Biliary, Enteral and Esophageal Stents, Boston Scientific offers the most comprehensive range of innovative treatment options to diagnose, palliate and treat patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.