Boston Scientific has launched FDA approved spinal cord stimulation (SCS) lead splitters W4 and D4 for use with its Precision Plus Spinal Cord Stimulator System, the rechargeable SCS device for the management of chronic pain of the trunk, back and/or limbs.

Boston Scientific said that its W4 and D4 splitters each enable multi-site placement of up to four leads, which are designed to deliver electrical pulses to the spinal cord that mask pain signals to the brain.

Boston Scientific said that the new splitters offer a broader range of lead configurations and are designed to provide physicians more treatment options for their chronic pain patients.

Michael Onuscheck, senior vice president and president of neuromodulation division at Boston Scientific, said: “Our goal is to design products that provide lasting pain relief for patients. We are pleased to introduce this expanded line of splitters for multi-site SCS lead placement.”