BonAlive Biomaterials, a manufacturer of implantable medical devices for bone regeneration, has announced the CE Mark approval and the launch of a patented, ready-to-use and mouldable version of its osteostimulative BonAlive bioactive glass bone regeneration technology.

According to BonAlive Biomaterials, the launch of osteostimulative BonAlive putty is an important milestone in the commercialization strategy of the BonAlive product family.

The company’s current BonAlive granules products have been approved for orthopaedic use since 2006. These products have been approved for bone cavity filling in the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis since March 2011.

BonAlive Biomaterials CEO Dr Fredrik Ollila said: "As an extension to the BonAlive granules product line, the BonAlive putty will significantly strengthen our position in the trauma and spine market as surgeons are increasingly demanding products that are both easy and ready-to-use while delivering a solid clinical outcome."

The BonAlive bioactive glass clinical use is supported by a 20-year research history including several randomized prospective trials in the field of spine, benign bone tumour and trauma surgery.

The company’s BonAlive products are available in Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Brazil and the US.