Claimed to be the latest advancement in endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR), Treo features enhanced technology that helps physicians to provide better treatment for patients.

Bolton Medical CEO Paul Kuznik said: "We will showcase the technology with deployment demonstrations at our booth, expert panel discussions, and live case presentations."

Designed as a three-piece system, Treo is available in a broad range of sizes to allow precise treatment and greater patient applicability.

With dual proximal fixation and a unique proximal clasping mechanism, Treo has been engineered for accurate and controlled deployment, offering long-term stability of the stent-graft.

Bolton Medical research and development vice-president Scott Rush said: "We believe that in EVAR, the tri-modular strategy is the best approach.

"This is because it allows you to deliver a tailored solution to each patient by selecting specific components to precisely work in that individual anatomy."

The firm intends to start a limited market release of the new abdominal stent-graft system with selected customers in October this year, in Europe.

In January 2016, the company will officially introduce Treo at the Leipzig Interventional Course.

The firm also received CE mark approval for Relay NBS (non-bare stent) thoracic stent-graft with Plus delivery system in April 2010.

Bolton Medical is involved in developing products and technology focusing on the aorta, while WerfenLife produces and distributes medical diagnostic solutions and medical devices across the globe.