DO2I is a parameter with a combination of two technologies: the BMEYE Nexfin CO-TREK for noninvasive and cardiac output monitoring and the Masimo Rainbow SET for noninvasive and hemoglobin and oxygen saturation monitoring.

The ccNexfin with Masimo Rainbow SET utilizes a BMEYE finger cuff to capture and measure beat-to-beat blood pressure, mean arterial pressure, cardiac output, stroke volume, systemic vascular resistance, dynamic fluid responsiveness parameters, index of contractility and a Masimo finger sensor to noninvasively and hemoglobin, oxygen saturation, and perfusion index.

The company said these integrated functional hemodynamic monitoring data allow clinicians to address the early signs of hemodynamic instability during the peri-operative period and in critical situations.

BMEYE CEO Rob Ree said with the presence of this parameter to the clinic and combined with the available parameters in the ccNexfin will give the potential to provide earlier diagnosis and early goal-directed therapies in anesthesia and emergency care to improve patient care while reducing costs.

In addition BMEYE launched two new parameters, Pulse Pressure Variation and Stroke Volume Variation, which are essential for monitoring of the fluid responsiveness status of the patient.