Working closely with their consulting surgeons, BME’s engineering team was able to create a robust product that provides high strength, stiffness and rotational stability for high-load applications.

The BME Elite system includes a patent-pending, plate-like implant design. These implants come in both two- and four-leg, low-profile configurations, available in multiple sizes. Each implant in the BME Elite system comes ready to use on a pre-loaded Zero-Torque™ insertion tool. Just like all the BME Speed™ systems, the BME Elite instruments are pre-sterilized and completely disposable.

This system also features Fixation Recovery™ technology, which enables these implants to maintain compression through repetitive loading. Long-term, continuous active compression and a significantly easier and faster technique make this product a viable alternative to other traditional forms of fixation.

Dr. Bryan Den Hartog, Attending Foot and Ankle Surgeon at Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons and part-time Faculty at The University of Iowa Department of Orthopedics commented, "The BME Elite system is easy to use, and with the higher levels of continuous compression, there appears to be earlier and more consistent trabecular bone formation at the fusion sites."

Keith M. Peeples, President and CEO of BME said, "Working with our surgeon advisors, we compared the BME Elite implants to a competitive titanium compression plate with and without a lag screw. We saw greater compression and contact area than the plate, along with similar rigidity and torsional stability in simulated small bone applications.

"This is truly a breakthrough technology. This launch is the first of several different BME Elite implant configurations that will ultimately be part of the complete BME Elite system. Our primary goal, with all our new product launches, is to continue to provide the physician community with products that improve their practice and outcomes for their patients."

The new BME Elite Nitinol Bone Fixation System is available now for commercial use throughout the United States.