The companies will jointly offer full-scale remote diagnostics service to the customers, including remote diagnostics service platform, monitoring the electrical activity of the heart, wireless measurement data transfer, and analysis and diagnostics of measurements.

Bittium will subscribe new shares in evismo through investing in two phases. Bittium’s holding of evismo will be 17.4%, after the share subscription in first phase. Bittium’s holding would be 25% in evismo, after the share subscription in second phase.

evismo co-founder and managing partner Willemien van den Toorn said: “With Bittium we have found a partner who understands and lives remote monitoring and patient data security. We can work closely with the whole team at Bittium on our development needs and they share our vision of user friendly and digitally transformed monitoring.

Bittium’s service solution consists of biosignal measurement devices and analysis software, which facilitate the transfer of recorded ECG measurements and related diagnostic reports securely through the remote diagnostics platform.

Bittium Faros ECG measuring devices will help to measure the electrical activity of the heart. Featuring advanced technical capabilities, Bittium Faros will provide customers with flexible short and long-term recordings.

Bittium Tough mobile smartphones will be employed for the wireless transfer of daily measurement data.

Bittium Tough Mobile is a secure Android-based LTE smartphone, which aggregates the latest information security solutions and commercial smartphone technologies.

Bittium Cardiac Navigator has been developed to be used for analyzing the ECG recordings. It is a new type of solution developed to deliver efficient analysis of clinical Holter ECG recordings.

In addition, Bittium will offer the remote diagnostics service platform for the service concept.

Swiss firm evismo provides remote diagnostics services for general practitioners, cardiologists, clinics, hospitals and other healthcare professionals.

Bittium Medical Technologies senior vice president Arto Pietilä said: “The co-operation with evismo enables Bittium to gain access to a network of doctors and specialists in Switzerland to support the development of technology for remote medical diagnostics.”