bitop’s present clinical study is a single-center efficacy and feasibility study involving patients with inflammation and airway obstruction in Germany.

bitop said that after the successful feasibility a long term study extension is expected to investigate the effect of Ectoin Inhalation Solution of lung function decline, lung ageing and inflammation.

bitop stated that it makes use of Pari Pharma┬┤s eFlow nebulisation technology to obtain optimal delivery of the Ectoin Inhalation Solution into the lungs.

bitop claimed that recent clinical studies with Ectoin-containing medical devices show excellent results in efficacy and safety in the treatment of allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis or atopic dermatitis.

Ectoin Inhalation Solution has already shown therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of mild asthma in humans and in animal models of nanoparticle-induced inflammatory reaction in the lungs, allergen induced asthma.

bitop Medical Device Development head Andreas Bilstein said that Ectoin-containing medical devices have already shown very positive effects in different diseases.

“We hope that we can show in this study that Ectoin Inhalation Solution can be used to protect individuals against unavoidable environmental nanoparticle-induced inflammatory reaction in the lung,” Bilstein said.