BIOTRONIK announced CE Mark approval and first implantations of the new Evia cardiac pacemaker series. Evia devices were implanted simultaneously at seven hospitals across Europe during first week of June.

“Unique features such as Closed Loop Stimulation and Home Monitoring, combined with new functions make Evia the most complete pacemaker available. I can now offer my patients a new level of therapy, and I have a streamlined patient management procedure from implantation to long-term monitoring, this bodes well for the future of bradycardia therapy,” said Dr. Philippe Ritter from the University Hospital in Bordeaux, France and Chairman of Cardiostim, after the first implantation in Bordeaux on June 4.

Evia is designed to transmit all required patient and device data, including IEGM Online HD, for performing a complete remote follow-up when combined with BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring. The technology is in full compliant with HRS/EHRA device follow-up specifications. Recently, FDA approved BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring as the only remote monitoring system on the market that can replace conventional device interrogation during follow-up. Physicians remotely monitor Evia patients’ clinical and device status from anywhere in the globe using BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring. BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring early detection function allows clinicians to access their patients’ clinically relevant event data more quickly so they can make immediate therapy decisions. Automatic patient classification is done with “traffic-light” system simplifying clinic workflow.

Evia offers complete solution for advanced patient management. It provides physician most physiological therapy available, as well as enhanced functions for fast and efficient implantations, accelerated follow-ups and reliable long-term monitoring of patients. Evia helps physicians to streamline the initial device set-up process and access all necessary data required during follow-up without spending valuable time on interrogating the device.

The new Evia Vp Suppression algorithm reduces unnecessary ventricular pacing to a minimum which avoides risks associated with high incidence of ventricular pacing. Evia incorporates Atrial and Ventricular Capture Control which automatically analyzes pacing thresholds and adjusts the amplitudes accordingly to assure reliable therapy. Evia is also build on unique Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS) in addition to the new platform features.