The international, multicenter, nonrandomized, prospective study is designed to develop an automated multiparameter algorithm that will use daily Biotronik Home Monitoring data to predict death and hospitalization for cardiovascular reasons dynamically.

The predicition is based on cardiovascular reasons like mean heart rate, patient activity, heart rate variability which are used to analyze the cardiovascular status of heart failure (HF) patients.

The combination of all parameters resulted in 65.4% sensitivity in detecting cardiovascular hospitalizations and deaths with 99.5% specificity.

Schwabing Clinic coordinating clinical investigator Stefan Sack professor said they believe that combining several parameters into a single algorithm may improve the overall ability to risk-stratify patients with implanted cardiac devices.

Biotronik Global Marketing and Sales vice president Marlou Janssen said this concept paves the way for future HF predictor applications and further expands the options of physicians for advanced patient management with Biotronik Home Monitoring.