Biomonitor III is a novel device developed to assist patients with irregular heart rhythms by documenting suspected arrhythmia or unexplained syncope with increased clarity.

According to the company, the new ICM offers increased signal quality, helping to improve the accuracy of arrhythmia detection and diagnosis.

Biotronik corporate marketing senior vice president Dr Alexander Uhl said: “We developed BIOMONITOR III to bring an injectable diagnostic solution with clear signal quality to the market.

“Working with an ICM should be easy, efficient and in-office-friendly – BIOMONITOR III is exactly that. With all its features, our new monitor reliably provides physicians with the needed information in high quality on the patient’s condition to avoid health risks associated with arrhythmia.”

The new device features unique BIOvector, which is designed to offer high definition signals, helps in providing high signal amplitudes and visibility of the p-waves for the physician to assess arrhythmias.

The next generation ICM is said to be 60% smaller than its predecessor, BioMonitor 2, and is pre‑assembled in a one-piece injection tool for immediate injection.

Biomonitor III includes a very small size and flexible sensing antenna to enhance patient comfort. It is injected under the skin with a very small incision, enabling in‑office treatments.

The new device works with the firm’s fully automated and plug in and go home monitoring. Initialisation and data transmission no active patient involvement is required, due to automatic pairing.

Biomonitor III is also provided with intelligent memory management, which helps avoid the overwriting of clinically relevant episodes, helping to avoid the missing of relevant information.

Paul Gould said: “What I like about BIOMONITOR III is the ease of use and the high signal fidelity.

“This coupled with the automatic Home Monitoring, provide an excellent resource to establish a rhythm symptom correlation or to detect occult arrhythmias in my patients.”

Based in Berlin, Biotronik is involved in the development of advanced cardiovascular and endovascular solutions. The company carries out operations in more than 100 countries.