Biotage has launched new Isolera Prime flash purification system for chemist in order to enhance productivity.

The flexible system is upgradeable and compatible with Biotage’s SNAP and the Biotage ZIP cartridges.

The Isolera Prime includes a patented TLC-to-Gradient feature that eliminates method development guesswork and a solvent-saving gradient optimization function that reduces solvent use by up to 60%.

Isolera Prime performs at flow rates up to 100 mL/min with a pressure range up to 145 psi (10 bars).

The system’s built-in detector aids in detecting aromatic and conjugated organic compounds and can trigger fractionation using threshold, slope, or volume parameters.

The system also has an easily integratable ELSD for UV-transparent compounds.

The Isolera Prime can also be upgraded to any laboratory’s requirements with the addition of a range of accessories, including external dry-loading vessels, leak detector, fraction racks and cartridge holders.