Biospace med has reported that it continues to penetrate the European market with its CE Marked ‘EOS’ x-ray imager, an ultra-low-dose x-ray technology. The company recently added two new regions of coverage in France, West (Brest University Hospital) and North (Lille University Hospital).

These two recent installations are expanding national coverage with EOS in France, as the company already has systems operating in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, and Nice.

EOS can capture head-to-toe images of patients in a standing, weight-bearing position with a reduction in radiation dose of up to 10 times less than a conventional x-ray and up to 1000 times less than a CT (Computed Tomography) scan. Additionally, EOS images are designed to provide sharp detail and empower physicians to better diagnose and plan an effective course of treatment, claims the company.

Marie Meynadier, chief executive officer of Biospace med, said: “We are extremely pleased to announce new sales of our ultra-low-dose EOS x-ray imager into new markets in France. Combined with our recently announced new customers in two new regions of the US, and in The Netherlands, we are making significant headway in persuading healthcare institutions which are still imaging patients with a conventional digital x-ray that there is a better way not only for them but also for their patients.

“EOS uses dramatically less radiation than a conventional x-ray or CT scan and thus represents an extraordinary enhancement in musculoskeletal imaging as all other imaging modalities deliver a substantial dose of radiation to the patient.”