EOS is a total solution in orthopedic imaging available in the US since receiving FDA 510(k) clearance.

EOS allows full-body imaging of patients that enables global assessment of balance and posture as well as a 3D bone-envelope image in a weight-bearing position, and provides automatically over 100 clinical parameters to the orthopedic surgeon for pre- and post-operative surgical planning.

EOS imaging CEO Marie Meynadier said that their new corporate name leverages the tremendous goodwill and name recognition that they have achieved in Europe and North America for their EOS orthopedic imaging system.

“EOS is clearly changing the way radiologist/orthopedist teams can now diagnose and treat deformative and degenerative pathologies in all age groups, from children to geriatric patients. Without EOS, radiologists and orthopedists have to interpret what they’re looking at in a 2D x-ray,” Meynadier said.