Biosign’s system, UFIT device is used for online delivery of health monitoring services to individuals. All services, including blood pressure and blood glucose testing, rely on digital representations of the pulse taken at the wrist through an inflatable cuff by a portable device connected to a computer. The noninvasive, multifunctional monitor brings an unprecedented blend of convenience and performance to self-testing in terms of quality, access, and cost.

John Anders, SVP of business development at Biosign, said: “The market strength of NexgenRx is derived from combining industry leading technology and clinical expertise to deliver better medical outcomes at lower costs. We are pleased to see that NexgenRx is supportive of our offering as it fits perfectly into their customer value proposition.”

Ronald Louks, president and CEO of NexgenRx, said: “We see diabetic plan members and their dependents migrating to this technology quickly as they lessen their dependency on the current invasive monitoring devices. That alone is reason enough. However, when you factor in the fractionally lower cost associated with the Biosign monthly monitoring charges, comparedto the cost of the consumable strips that plan sponsors are reimbursing through health plans, this becomes even more compelling.”